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Customer Information*please allow 3-4 business days for a response.
Just Travel and Explore, LLC takes pride in creating personalized vacation experiences for all our clients. We take pride in the relationship we have with our preferred suppliers. Therefore, we ask that you allow 3-4 business day for a response. This will give up enough time to create a personalized vacation experience for you to ensure your travel experience will be a memorable one!
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Groups of 8 or more, please visit for trips to explore.
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We are excited to help plan your perfect getaway.

Thank you for outlining your travel requests above. This will help to effectively quote your vacation package and ensure you have the best deals.

Please allow 3-4 business days for a response. During this time 2 separate quotes will be sent for your desired vacation getaway.  There will be a deposit/research fee of $30. This deposit of $30 can be REFUNDABLE if a vacation package is booked by Just Travel And Explore, LLC and completed by the client. Clients who book their vacation packages with Just Travel And Explore, LLC and complete their vacation will have the option to a REFUND 30 days prior to the departure of their booked trip or have funds credited to their current trip. 

In the event you decide you no longer want to use the services of Just Travel And Explore, LLC, the deposit/research fee is then NON-REFUNDABLE, no exceptions.

The research fee can be paid via PAYPAL/SQUARE/CASH before we can proceed with travel services. Once the booking fee has been confirmed, we will send a confirmation within 3-4 business days followed by travel quotes.

To secure the quoted price, most vendors require a deposit or sometimes full payment at the time of price quote, being ''deposit ready'' at the time of price quote will ensure the desired vacation budget is achieved. After vacation quote  has been agreed upon, all payment information will be required to process payment to the vendor.

Once prices are quoted and confirmed, and you are ready to proceed with the purchase, a Credit Authorization will be sent requesting authorization to process payment.

*Please note that completed travel inquiries are valid for up to 4wks. If additional or changed quotes are needed, another form will be required with applicable search/agent fees and all fees paid prior will be NON-REFUNDABLE, no exceptions.

*Please note after 30 days form expires and if changes are requested an additional form with applicable fees may be required. Also fees are not transferrable from person to person.

Thank you again for choosing our services, we look forward to planning  your getaway!

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