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Sunday, August 19, 2018
By Kevine McMillan
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Acme Oyster House

New Orleans is full of life and rich in culture, but most of all the food is absolutely AMAZING!!! There's something for everyone, whether you're a picky eater like myself, the spicy food lover, or just a lover of great food, New Orleans is the spot to find great food. One of our favorites was Acme Oyster House


Chargrilled Oysters

Acme is located just off Iberville and minutes from the famous Bourbon Street. Acme is known for its delicious chargrilled oysters and is bound to satisfy your seafood desires. Speaking of chargrilled oysters, it is a must when visiting Acme. The oysters at Acme are perfectly seasoned with the most mouth watering butter herb sauce, topped with a special blend of cheese. It comes to you sizzling hot and ready to be devoured, you have the option of 1/2 dozen or a dozen, but you can forget about getting the 1/2 a dozen and just go for the dozen, because they are THAT good! The oysters at Acme are so mouth watering and full of deliciousness, we got a dozen and half! Acmes' chargrilled oysters can satisfy your taste bud and fill your stomach for less than $20, which is a sweet deal!



Boom Boom Shrimp

Our second pick at Acme is their Boom Boom Shrimp, and mannn, does that Boom Boom Shrimp comes with a KICK of spicy deliciousness!!! From an islander who loves spicy food, Acme has outdone themselves with their Boom Boom Shrimp. The Boom Boom Shrimp is for spicy food lovers, however the spiciness doesn't over power the shrimp, it has the perfect blend of spice with a hint sweetness. The Boom Boom Shrimp comes with about 8-12 good size shrimp, coated with a sweet and spicy sauce that makes each bite more tasty than the last. And the best part about the Boom Boom Shrimp, besides how delicious it is, the price is absolutely amazing! Nothing beats getting a great meal for a great price! The Boom Boom Shrimp sweetens your stomach and your pocket for less than $11!



Chicken Andouille Gumbo

Our third pick is the Chicken Andouille Gumbo. Prior to visiting New Orleans I have never had gumbo, I've heard of this delicious soup like mixture, but have never had it. But I heard New Orleans is the originators of Gumbo so why not make your first try an authentic one! The Chicken Andouille Gumbo is seasoned to perfection. It has a combination of chicken, rice, small bits of shrimp and a slight bit of spicy, making it a perfect side dish to your main course. And let me just say that the Chicken and Andouille Gumbo at Acme DID-NOT-DISAPPOINT. It was delicious from beginning to end; I honestly could have gotten like two bowls and would have been satisfied for the night, but I wanted to save room for the other deliciousness Acme had to offer to us. Acme's tasty gumbos in a cup was a little under $6 and a bowl was a little under $8.


The atmosphere in Acme is also a plus, you are greeted with a smile from a hostess upon entry and you are provided with great service from the moment you enter to the time you leave. I am a huge fan of great customer service and I was absolutely delighted with the service and will definitely return to Acme.

Acme is famous for its delicious seafood and amazing customer service so of course everyone wants to see what the buzz is about, and definitely you should. With that being said, I would recommend you beat the crowd by heading to Acme before 2pm. We had the chance to dine at Acme more than once, our first time was during lunch around 12 which we were seated immediately (there was a line, but not as long as the one we encountered when we visited around 3:30pm), we showed up for a later visit and the line was outside the door!! So be sure to get there before 2pm if you want to beat the line, if not, make some new friends as you wait to treat your taste buds.


So if you're ever in New Orleans and want to treat your tastebuds to deliciousness, check out Acme.

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